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San Andreas News || Public Policy
(a) every person may freely speak, write, go, and publish his or her sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of this right. A law may not restrain or abridge liberty of speech or press

San Andreas News is a private company. Therefore San Andreas News does not affiliate with any government organisations or parties.

In no way can any San Andreas News media be distributed or used in a public manner without the consent of the content owner.
*With so, if permission was accepted, credits must be given out to San Andreas News and the content owner itself

San Andreas News is not responsible for any liabilities involving a San Andreas News employee whilst off-duty

When filling in the application form for San Andreas News, you must agree that all work filled in was produced by yourself and no other.

Legal actions will be taken if San Andreas News is to be announced in a negative manner in any public media.

San Andreas News is not responsible for any law breaking citizens on public media (Live Interviews/TV/Reports etc)

Broadcasting policies as follows;

Under no circumstances are you to support any illegal activities or organisations whilst on San Andreas News media. (Live interviews/TV/Reports etc)
*Law Enforcements will detain you if FCC was violated. Lawsuit from San Andreas News may be necessary.

Racial discrimination or indecent and profane words are not to be heard on any public media (Live Interviews/TV/Reports etc)

Any advertisements made on any public broadcasting medias (Live Interviews/TV/Reports etc) must be charged at a fee over $100,000.
*Advertising for free will break terms and conditions and may cause legal action to be taken

- Policies will and can be updated without any public announcements.


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