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Report A User

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:06 am

Report a User

If you are aware of any rule-breaking going on within our server or on the forums, please copy the correct format below and post it in the report a user board. If your report is regarding an administrator, please go here. If you are not already clear on our report rules, please read the rules below.

- You must have valid proof of the violation.
- Include as many details as possible and be clear.
- If you are not related to the case (i.e.: the victim, the defendant, an administrator or mentioned in the topic), you may not post.
- If you're reporting multiple violators, please post a single designated topic for each violator. Do not report more than one rule violator in one topic.

Your in-game name:
The defendant's in-game name:
The defendant's score:
Describe the violation:
Evidence of the violation:
Additional information:

Your username:
The defendant's forum name:
Screenshots of the violation:
Describe the violation:
Additional information:


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