Admin Complaints

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Admin Complaints

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:03 am

Want to report an admin?
I'll walk you through the procedure here.

- If you have seen an admin abuse his/her powers, broken any rule or treated you or others unfairly then you have the rights to post a complaint.
- To report an admin you must have valid(screenshot, chatlogs, video) evidence that proves that the admin abused his/her powers.

When posting a report, please name the new topic in this section "Admin Complaint against Admins name by Your name
Example: Admin Complaint against [Admin] by [User]

- Please use the correct format when reporting. The correct format is below.

Your In-Game name:
The admins In-Game name/Forum name:
When did this happen? Time and date:
Describe in detail what the admin did wrong:
Additional Information:

- You're not allowed to message an admin, to notify him/her that your complaint is posted. Be patient.
- You may send a message to Hawke if the complaint haven't had a reply from an admin within 24 hours.
- If players have information to add to the complaint but their name is not mentioned, they may send it as a personal message to the admin responsible for admin complaints.

Important! Players/admins not mentioned in the complaint are strictly forbidden to reply. Failing to follow this simple rule will  result in a forum mute.

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